Volte: The next generation voice yet to be launched in india


Volte must be a new technology in india but in western countries this technology has already been launched .With south korea to be the first  country in the world to launch voice over lte(volte) also stands as voice over long term evolution. volte offers HD voice so there are no chances of call drops as we had seen in 2G and 3G technologies .Volte uses the ims(ip multimedia subsystem) technology .It transmits data via digital packets voice service which Is later delivered via ip over a lte network.

For the past four years  this technology is maturing and in time we will see much deployments everywhere in the world through this technology.Though its maturing we have seen much developments in this technology like the lte-a and lte-u and the recent being the multifire .

On the handset space this technology is getting implemented slowly with handset manufacturers slowly launching volte phones around the world and as the handset ecosystem building .This problem is better taken care of.This would help the operators to roll out 4g networks all over the world.This will pace up the 4g launches  in most countries. And we would soon be on the latest technologies.

In india the leading operator reliance jio is yet to launch with the news of  commercial launch being on april with its differentiating factor been the voice over lte. It has been in much of the news  for its latest technologies. Other operators have already launched 4g with its lte network in india like airtel being the first to launch 4g network and it has launched in an around 296 towns in india .with other operators like idea and Vodafone launching 4g recently .

So for the end user in india data would be cheap as competition gets intensified and tariffs would fall to new low post the 4G launch.

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