Top alternate FaceTime apps for video calling

FaceTime provides quality video calling service to the users on all the iOS devices. You can make a video call to anyone who owns an iPhone just by tapping on their contact name via mobile data or Wi-Fi. FaceTime is an app that exclusively supports iOS devices, this can be a drawback if a person you’re trying to call doesn’t owns an iPhone. However, there are plenty of great alternative apps that will offer quality calling experience. Below is a list of top alternate apps you can try for video calling one on one or a group video call.

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  • WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app all around the globe. Ever since it introduced video calling many users switched to WhatsApp video calling. The video quality is pretty awesome and readily available for all devices. It allows voice video calling and video calling and even conference call. WhatsApp is a great competitor for FaceTime that allows calling on 2G/3G when compared to any other app.

  • Skype

Everybody is familiar with Skype. Skype video calling delivers the most efficient calling experience with the easy to use interface on any platform you are using. With skype account you can call and text at the same time, moreover, you can call up to 10 people with a good Wi-Fi connection. It works perfectly on all the devices to give you a better experience by keeping an eye on the quality of the call you are on.

  • Viber

Viber is quite popular app which allows you to audio/ videos call your phone, friends, and relatives. While there are many other apps available, this app qualifies as it lets you use the nom-cellular devices. To get started with Viber in your iPad and iPod devices, you need to have a mobile number to activate it. Once you create your Viber account you can go to your contact list and make calls to the people who have Viber in your contact list. There is an additional feature that lets you check what’s happening recently around the world. Chatting via Viber app is pretty fun with the stickers

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  • Facebook Messenger

The latest introduction of video calling in Facebook Messenger is probably the easiest and convenient alternative. Since millions of user actively use Facebook app, it’s no difficult to make a call to your friend in a matter of seconds. The app introduced amazing fun filled stickers, emojis that won’t let you get bored. It lets you reach out to your friends and colleagues by just a touch of a button.

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  • Google Hangout

Google Hangout is said to the best FaceTime alternative. This is a great app that lets you chat with your friends and family and video calling. Google hangout is directly linked to your Google ID and you can make conference calls with multiple people at once. All you need to have is an email address to find your friends. It’s an app that can be used on your computer, laptop, mobile phone devices.

In conclusion

Unlike FaceTime, these apps are not restricted to make calls on only iOS devices. These apps are a perfect alternate in case you’re looking for video chatting apps options. We recommend you to try these fun apps and communicate with your dear ones easily.

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