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Just like the real sports video game has also reached in the billion dollar industry. And online games worth a major market share of video game industry. However there are plenty of problems like geo restrictions, hacking, ISP throttling that a gamer face while playing an online game. However installing and running a VPN in your computer has plenty of benefits that antivirus or Firewall protection does not offer.


5 Best VPN for Online Gamers:
So in the section below you will come to know about the 5 best VPN that works on the recent vpntrends and has the ability to improve your online game playing experience.

Express VPN: This is a very costly VPN service provider. However, it deserves the price it takes. When it comes to security issues, I do not think you would like to compromise it. Express VPN offers plenty of servers from ninety different countries. Annual, semiannual and monthly payment option is available for this VPN service provider.

• 30 days money back guarantee
• Compatible with all the platforms
• App is available for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphone
• Servers in 90 different countries
• High price tag

BolehVPN: This VPN offers the most secure connection that is equipped with 256-bit AES encryption. But the company does not offer any telephonic or live chat customersupport.However, they will answer your email really fast.
• Accept bitcoin payment
• Focused on Privacy
• Only One-day free trial
• Live chat or telephonic supports are not available

Buffered VPN: Buffered is a newcomer in the VPN business industry. However, it offers probably the industry best speed that a gamer must have for playing an online game. Buffered VPN offers 5 different connections so that you can also share your VPN service with your friends or family.
• Amazing Speed
• 30 Day money back guarantee
• Simultaneous connections up to 5 times
• Keep few logs

Nord VPN: This VPN comes with double encryption features; as a result, you secure your protection 2 times stronger. The slow connection on using this VPN can be an issue for you.
• Payment accept as Bitcoin
• Automatic kill switch available
• Double encryption
• Money back guarantee for 30 days
• Speed is an issue

VPN Area: The final service provider on our list is from Switzerland. VPN Area has servers in sixty countries that secure your online game playing phase. This is also a good service provider as they offer a user to login to six different devices, using the same connection at the same time.

• Logging policy is not there
• Users can connect through 6 different connections at the same time
• Different servers in 60 different countries
• Kill switch is available
• Customer support team is available 24X7

So these are the 5 best VPN service providers which are most suitable for online gamers. These VPNs also perform on the latest vpntrends that is why they get listed on the list. Hope the list was helpful, you can get more information from

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