Why one should wear seven face rudraksha

Rudraksha is a type of bead which has been worn by the saints from time immemorial. It was said that rudraksha used to protect one from all the negative forces that are surrounding the universe. On ancient times as the saints were always in motion and they used to move from one place to another, they needed a thing to protect them from all the negative forces in this world.

Rudraksha is a type of seed which is mainly found in trees that majorly grows in the foothills of Himalayas. From centuries this beads are said to have some astrological benefits. According to Hindu mythology and astrology, rudraksha beads are immensely helpful for people. There are many varieties of rudraksha beads though. It can be single faced or can be multi faced as well. Each variety has a different set of benefits.

Seven face rudraksha is definitely one variety which is related to the Seven Seas. This is a kind of rudraksha which helps one to gain immense knowledge. It helps the wearer to become the seeker of Truth. Those who wear this weed are a person of pure wisdom and honesty.


According to Hindu mythology this is a variety of bead which symbolizes the Anang Shiva. It also represents the goddess of wealth, wisdom and prosperity who we worship as goddess Maha Lakshmi. This rudrakhsa bead has seven faces and good health and good wealth ushers on an individual who wears it.

Benefits of wearing this rudraksha

There are plenty of benefits of wearing this bead. Those who are into business or thinking of starting one should definitely wear this. This can be of immense help as it leads to boosting up confidence. It also incr3eses the mental power and stability by which one can easily set up their focus. But one has to wear this rudraksha with a help of red thread. Those who want to concentrate; in order to attain knowledge can also wear this rudraksha variety. This can be immensely beneficial for them also as it helps one to keep their focus intact on what they want to do in their life. This bead brings luck and happ9iness to an individual. 7 mukhi rudrakhsa helps one to gain prosperity in professional life and peace in personal life. This leads one to increase their tenacity and decrease their aggression. If one suffers from short temper then this rudraksha bead can be helpful for them. It also reduces anxiety in an individual. This can also remove financial crisis in a human life. That is why; this particular bead is very beneficial.

This bead has a lot of medical advantages as well. It helps to cure breathing problems and also makes digestion system very smooth. It helps one to attain inner peace and to maintain harmony in personal relationships.

It is good to wear seven face rudraksha only after consulting an astrologer. They can guide you well on what can provide benefits to you and what can help you to improve in life.

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