Make Files or Folders Visible From pendrive

Make Files or Folders Visible From pendrive

Make Files or Folders Visible From pendrive

Make Files or Folders Visible From pendrive


Today Let’s Learn about a very   interesting technical problem on How to  make of Files or folders  visible  from Pen drive when files are not visible even though Pen drive is filled and not showing any files or folders.
Before getting into main topic, I just want brief it up about “ Autorun.inf ” File

So, Let’s see what is Autorun file ..?

Its Just  a small virus about which we try to learn something and try to Fix it when it affects a Computer especially a pen drive.

Autorun.inf  is a kind of virus which  writes  by itself on external device  such as Pen  drive , HDD, or any    Flash Drive, and have the device  when user  opens external device  in Explorer.

This virus appeared when External Devices Had a great Value in the Market.

What is the principle of infection ?

This Virus will be spying your entire data including your personal data and also destroying it.

An Auto run virus writes itself onto the flash drive and it makes a record in autorun.inf file to be launched when you double click on flash drive in Windows Explorer.

autorun.inf generally is a system file, which is located in C: which tells the  windows to launch programs automatically. Autorun by nature ,won’t be visible on flash drive. In order to view it , You should enable “Show Hidden files and Drives”  Option in Folder options. Under Tools Menu.

Previously it was invented in  CD-ROM drive for which software also supplied to launch it automatically. After which  new kind of media: flash drives and external USB became famous hard drives became famous and widespread, The developers tried to approach the same feature to these device also . But they didn’t think of Possible problems that these devices will  easily get Malware.

The  installation of regular Antivirus can help you to over come from  the majority of such type of viruses..

So, I am coming to a Simple Technical Problem which was asked by my Friend..

Last Night My friend sent me query related to same topic Mentioned Above . I just Brief it over for you with solution too:”

When insert the pen drive and while opening the pen drive nothing will be displayed. and Space is Showing as usual whatever files are acquired. And if I try to unhide it. Then  also not able to view it. It looks like empty, Formatted, Or attacked by virus .I am Having 8GB pen drive has almost 7GB of Data, Filled with my files  i.e  Folders, videos, Music and some documents even. When I Open My computer it is showing  used space correctly which I used . But not a single file of them Is visible .

Then I tried to go to  “View all files and folders”  Tools Menu and selected folder Options, clicking On View ,  tried to show Hidden  files ,folders and Drives where also I didn’t  get the result .

After which I  tried to open it from DOS( operating system). There also Files were Absent, Fully Empty.

I Tried to remember some files whichever I Knew  and searched on  Pen drive , For which I got result . But I didn’t get the all files except the searched once .  

So , the Answer is…

When you are having this type of Problem Just Click on Start Button —–>

Click on Run(ALT+R) —>

Command Prompt (by typing cmd) —>

Press OK

Type following command as DOS Command by assuming you Pen drive Drive letter is G

attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:.

Press Enter

Just download The download the following link for the file Auto Exterminator…..

———-> Extract it

———-> Double click on the Auto Exterminator

———-> It will remove all your Virus Files from your drive

While opening the file it Looks similar to this image.

11613-p0jG73ZrY3BEQOap-s- (1)

Then you go to your pen drive , You will find all your files in a single folder.

If you are not getting the files still Download this file linked below.

Download From here

Update it –> Performing  “Full Scan” by selecting Quick scan

Good luck…

You will Surely like it.



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