How to Recall sent Email in Gmail account

How to Recall sent Email in Gmail account

Hello to All…..

Today i will tell you one of the most useful and important feature of G-mail.

Have you ever sent a Email to such a person to whom you don’t want to send. If your answer is “Yes”, then this post only for you. What to do when we have sent Email to wrong person or if that person is your “Boss” then what will you do?  you will send Sorry to him?

No Way!! you can recall sent Email and G-mail will not delivered it and you will get your Email back before reaching it to the destination.


Let’s Start how to activate this feature…..!!

  1. Log in to your G-mail Account.
  2. Click on setting option in your G-mail account.
    recall sent email

    Setting Option

  3.  Now you will see General, Labels, Inbox, Lab, Chat etc such multiple  Tabs here, you have to choose “Lab”  tab.
    Lab Tab

    Lab Tab Option

  4.  Then Type “Undo” in ” Search for a lab: ” option.
  5.  You will see  “Undo Send by Yuzo F ” option in search result (See in the image below).
  6. recall sent email

    Undo Search Result

  7. Click on Enable and save it. Now this feature is activated.


As you sent a email you will see “Undo” option only for 5 seconds, if you click on this option with in 5 seconds after sending a email then G-mail will not delivered your email.
if you look that 5 seconds is not enough then you can increase this time .

  1. Again click on setting option
  2. click on general tab and scroll down you will find “Undo Send” option (See in the image below).
    recall sent email

    Undo Send Option

  3. Increase your time from 5 to 30 seconds.

That’s All…!!


Note: If you face any problem, have any doubt? you are free to ask me. Just Comment here.

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