How To Fix No Disk Exception Error While Ejecting External Devices

How To Fix No Disk Exception Error While Ejecting External Devices
How To Fix No Disk Exception Error While Ejecting External Devices

How To Fix No Disk Exception Error While Ejecting External Devices

External Devices are the devices which can be inserted into PC, Where files such as videos, music, or data can be accessed, stores or transferred. External devices namely Flash Drive, Memory Disk , DVD , CD etc.These devices are portable In nature, by which information can be spread to clients.The usage of these external devices is very easy . Just need to be inserted into ports provided by PC (if it is a Flash Disk), or insert into DVD / CD drive if it is a DVD/CD.So, Now a days people hardly use DVD/CD’s. Many are preferring to use Flash drive.So, Let me explain a common error occurring in PC’s while inserting any External Devices Error alert is as follows “ Exception Processing Message c000000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 475b6bf7c475 “’

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It’s a error message encountered by PC while suddenly Removing/unplugging external devices attached without the Knowledge of Computer .So, Computer keep executing this above mentioned alert till the system get restarted or sometime it won’t stop even if System restarted. Basically this error is caused by Registry, So to avoid such type of malware messages some of the registry cleaners can be used .Here are some of the top Registry Cleaners which Reduce the errors occurring through Registry.

2.Wise Registry Cleaner
3.Eusing free Registry Cleaner
4.nCleaner Second

If Suppose if Internet connection is off and not able to download any files at urgent situation, then there is some manual solution which can avoid occurring of error messages, which don’t allow to work propery.
Here is the answer,

Just open Run by tapping “Windows + R” and type “Regedit”. It will open Registry Editor for you.Note: The following method can be applied in Windows 8 and windows 7
On left panel go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlWindows
Double click on “Errormode” on Right Panel.
Change the Value data from 0 to 2 ( reloads failure logs occurred due to some reason)
Press OK
Once done , Restart you computer.
A reboot will Solve this Problem.
And in future, to avoid this kind of alert messages . Just Remove Removal Disk in Safest Manner. For that , follow the Procedure
Just single click on green colored disk icon appearing on bottom left corner in Notification Section.
Select the Removal Disk to be Removed.

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