Facebook Tricks #2 : How to Trace your Recent Visitors

Facebook Tricks #2 : How to Trace your Recent Visitors

itinformersHello everyone,

Here is the trick to trace the Facebook  visitors, I am posting this post because many are still not able to find the Answers to fix it. Many Social Accounts like Orkut, Twitter, as well as Linkedin also as an feature to see the friends who have visited our page. But facebook didn’t come up with this feature till now legally. But many have found the route to trace that too.

By using this feature, we can be able to find who and all are interested in viewing our status or photos, and further they can accept our friend Request too.

But trust me, Its possible to find the Visited Friends in your profile too.So, We carry on with the procedure.

Just follow the steps to know your facebook recent Visitors.

Step No 1.

Just Go to Website www.facebook.com

Step No 2

Login into Facebook by entering Username and Password

 Step No 3

Once it got Loaded and Home Page appeared, just go to your Profile Page.

 Steps No.4

Just Press Ctrl + U from your keyboard to see the Source code of your Facebook page.

Step No.5

Once Source Code opens, just Press Ctrl + F to Search for a Word.

 Step No.6

Type the Word to be searched as   {“list”:  and press enter.

Step No.7

The Searched results are shown in Orange Color, as shown in Screen shot.


facebook Tricks

Step No.8

You will find the ID’s of Friends who have Visited your profile Recently after the orange color.

 Step No.9

To check who have visited Just Copy the Id, and paste in followed format as:


For example  : My Facebook ID is : 100001564142646

Then it becomes,

www.facebook.com/ 100001564142646

To know your Facebook ID just click here

And Type in this Below Format :


To check your Username , Just go to Settings in your Facebook Page as shown in screenshot.


facebook Tricks

Enjoy this Trick…


ITinformers Team



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    Manik October 26, 2014 at 2:06 pm

    Hi Donald,

    This is really amazing. Find it new for me and I already check who visit my profile. 😀

    Thanks for the great sharing.

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