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Every generation has been involved in advancing and innovating the world and technology in some of the other way. The first industrial revolution made use of water and steam power for mechanizing the production. The second revamped the first and used electric power for creating a mass production. The third revolution combined electronics and information technology for automating the production.

Now, the fourth one is the digital revolution that has been continuing since the mid of last century. It is strongly characterized by the fusion of technologies which are filling the gap between digital, physical and the biological spheres. Bonk Be Live app is the revolutionary example of the digital revolution taking place over the years. Let’s learn about it in details.

Bonk Be Live – The User’s Eye

Bonk be live

Bonk Be Live is one of the most advanced applications that have been launched for iOS and Android device over the years. This powerful app has been developed by Boink Live Streaming Corporation which has been working with many countries for the betterment of the app. The app had risen to the top in less than a year. The aggressive marketing strategy and its powerful user interface is the reason behind the success of the app. Most importantly, its users love the concept of the app that lets them earn money while connecting with their audience.

You will be amazed to know that Bonk Be Live has been developed by many countries working together with Boink Live Streaming Corporation to produce the most advanced app. The app has collaborated with me magically (Bonk Be Live’s new contract) and the technology builders IDAP from Castle Productions (Indonesia) and Ukraine along with the skilled geeks specializing in the high-tech physiques using powerful algorithms for augmented and virtual reality.

What’s there in Bonk Be Live VIP and Premium Service?

The Bonk Be Live VIP and Premium service will be making a splash with a more story-driven and personal experience, while the streamers and the viewers will be getting high-quality images, audio, and video files.

Moreover, the privacy concerns have beleaguered the social media since its beginning and the incidences are increasing with each passing day. Bonk Be Live will be offering more advanced profile privacy and network far beyond the expectation of anyone. You wouldn’t have seen such high-tech privacy on social media before.

I magically

I magically am the newly signed contract with world’s renowned marketer Greg Gifford for the recruitment of 30 million new users in the US region to the app. Greg has also been appointed as the new EVP for Corporate Development in the company and will be leading the marketing department for the promotion of this app. the skills and marketing strategies will take the app to a new level.

Why should you be choosing Bonk Be Live?

Bonk be live

The major social giants around the globe are a bit slow. They are just the lumbering machines that are resistant to a change and are terribly inept. The all-new platform of Bonk Be Live provides loads of advantages over the old-fashioned social media apps. It doesn’t have clumsy borrowing between the web and phone platforms and offers a seamless integration. The streaming mobile apps are the future of the internet and Bonk Be Live brings all this together.

In late 2016 when Instagram released Instagram Live and Instagram Stories, Boink Live Streaming Corporation witnessed a major development in the social media video streaming. Even Facebook released Messenger Day and Facebook Live feature at the same time. This Live Format feature was taken from Bonk Be Live. Bonk Be Live was smart to create the social media platform that helped the user to stream them and attract a mass audience.

The Final Words

The social networking applications are going to get bigger as the people start to adopt them in their daily lives. Many of them have already started doing so while billions of them are yet to follow the same path. Bonk Be Live will be focusing on the augmented reality technology, digital advertising and live streaming video in the year 2018. Moreover, it will shift its focus to improving the UI and making it the most advanced UIs so far. Bonk Be Live is already on the top in live streaming app industry and with more features that are going to be added to the app, it will reach an unbeatable position.

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