Best top 5 must have security apps for iphone

Best top 5 must have security apps for iphone

Now a days many iphone threats are there, so basically you should secure yourself from hackers. Hackers can steal your confidential data with the help of many type of attacks like: wiretapping, MITM etc.
These Best top 5 must have security apps for iphone will help you to secure your iphone from hackers, and also protect the important data and password on your iphone.
Here is the list of best top 5 popular security app.

1. kryptos

Best top 5 must have security apps for iphone
warrying about tapping of your voice call? No problem, kryptos will help you to get rid of worrying. kryptos ensures VOIP security and fully safe voice conversations that cannot be intercepted and tapped.
so if you are in the worrying stage stop it and install kryptos for secret calls, and believe me nothing can work than kryptos app.

I must tell you, kryptos comes with the awesome military grade AES encrypted feature that keeps your coversation secure and absolutely safe.
Bassically this is free app but it comes with a basic service charge of only 10 $ a month.

2. Find my iphone

you misplace your iphone, ipod touch, or Mac, just install in IOS free app called “find my iphone”. this app will let you use any IOS device to find it and protect your data from others.
all you have to do simply install it (absolutely free), and sign in with your apple ID that you use for Icloud.
Find my iphone will help you to locate missing IOS device on map.
find my iphone Features:
=> find device in map.
=> remotely lock your IOS device with passcode.
=> play a sound remotely.
=> Display any message.
=> Erase all data on it.
=> provide Lost Mode

Lost MOde in find my iphone: with the help of this mode you can display a custom message and contact phone number right side on the lock screen.

Requires: iOS 5.0 or later

Cost: Free


3. Gadget trak

Gadget Trak


losing photos, contacts, apps, music with iphone, it would be a massive pain. and daily thousans of smartphone users are feeling this pain.
gadget trak is providing 2 really awesome features other than “find my iphone” are:
=> taking picture remotely with iphone camera of theif: you can take picture from anywhere with lost iphone. obviously it would be thief, so thief can be easily recognisable.
=> enabling Deleting apps restriction: with this feature user can enable feature Deleting apps restriction.
for enabling Deleting apps restriction feature, go to setting App => General => Restrictions. This feature will keep the thief from deleting Gadget trak and any other app.

Requires: iOS 4.0 or later

Cost: $4.99 (updated)


4. Foscam Surveillance Pro

Foscam Surveillance Pro

Want to keep track on your home or office? Foscam Surveillance Pro will be perfect for this.

1. free of cost All updates
2. Pan/tilt (moving camera Horisontally/vetically)
3. two-way audio
4.motion detection
5. connection monitoring
6. face tracking
7. find another cameras in the network
and many more…….

requirement: click here for Requiremetns

cost: $4.99


5. Norton Snap: A QR code scanner

Norton snap
Norton™ Snap is a QR code scanner will protect your IOS device from dangerous QR codes. this will also block unsage webistes before they load and steel your data.

• Automatically scan QR codes and checks to see if they’re safe.
• Identify safe websites. Blocks malicious sites before they load on your mobile device.
• View the final destination a QR code is linked to, not just the shortened address, so you know where it really goes.
• Quickly and easily share cool sites and promotions with your friends.
• Tell at a glance whether a site is safe, potentially dangerous, or should be avoided completely.

requrement: iOS 4.3 or later

Cost: Free

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